Out of the Box
2015 | Out of the Box: Unexpected Innovations in Coffee

The success of any industry hinges on its ability to innovate and evolve with changing times. Just as business owners

G 63
2015 | Water: The Invisible Driver of Coffee

Water touches every aspect of coffee; from its agriculture to its preparation and everything in between. And water–or lack of

2015 | The Heart of It: Quantifying and Optimizing Specialty Coffee

For six years now, Symposium has been a place to explore the future possibilities in coffee and take a look

2015 | The Cutting Edge of Coffee Sensory Science

Flavor is the foundation of what we do. Symposium is committed to bringing together the most relevant breakthroughs in coffee

2015 | Gender Equity: Can Shifting our Focus Improve the Coffee Supply Chain?

Of the many issues we’ve tackled at Symposium, one that has eluded us is gender equity in the agricultural sector.

2014 | Selling Better Coffee to Selling Coffee Better

We’ve spent much time at each Symposium focused on the beginnings of the supply chain, looking at problems and opportunities

2014 | Sensory Science and Coffee

Tasting coffee is an individual sensory experience. What do we know about the science of flavor and perception? How can

lord windsor
2014 | The History and Use of the Coffee Space

The place where coffee is publicly consumed – whether called a coffeeshop, coffee bar, or cafe – defines the coffee

2014 | Milk – Quality, Sustainability, and Sourcing

Milk is the traditional companion to coffee, and in our shops we sell as much milk as coffee. However, few

Leaf Rust
2014 | Coffee Leaf Rust – Effects, Response, and Next Steps

In 2013, Symposium delegates got an early glimpse of the current outbreak of Coffee Leaf Rust, and its anticipated effects

Long View
2013 | Part I: Introduction, a Look at Symposium, and the Long View

We begin by looking at macroeconomic and global trends in coffee: Where are we going?  How has our history shaped

2013 | Part II: Coffee Leaf Rust: History, Crisis, and Response

The biggest coffee news of 2013 is the Coffee Leaf Rust outbreak in Central America, which is having a profound

2013 | Part III: Coffea Genetics: Unlocking the Possibilities

What is our current understanding of the coffea genus? What has led to the genetic restriction we see in coffee agriculture worldwide?

2013 | Part IV: Collaboration and Potential

The theme of collaboration has been central to the last two Symposia. This year, we’ll explore new and exciting collaborations

many small light bulbs equal big one
2013 | Part V: The Power of Innovation and The Market

Collaboration is a powerful tool, but the success of the free markets has demonstrated that innovation and enterprise go hand

2013 | Part VI: A Deeper Understanding of the Specialty Coffee Consumer

In 2012, Symposium began a series dedicated to consumer research, giving Symposium delegates a cutting-edge glimpse into the mind of

2012 | Re-Envisioning the Retail Experience

Driving the value proposition up requires innovation, creativity, and authenticity. James will combine those principles to present a vision for

2012 | What’s Cool About Coffee

Building off the previous presentations, this session will narrow in on how specialty coffee can craft a more compelling story

2012 | Understanding the Consumer

Insights from a recent qualitative study conducted by the SCAA will be revealed, including profiles, motivations, and buying habits of

2012 | Category Comparisons

This session will explore the parallells between specialty coffee and other industries, specifically cheese, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Infusing

2012 | Reinventing the Coffee Game

Exploring the realities and challenges for specialty coffee as the industry works to develop its identity at the café level

panel-adjusting market realities
2012 | Adjusting to Market Realities

The market remains elevated and volatile, encouraging much discussion and debate about where it is headed — this session brings

Evolving the Business Model
2012 | Evolving the Business Model

We have entered a period where the dynamic has reversed — global consumption is outpacing production. This places new demands

Strengthening Supply Chain Pt1
2012 | Strengthening the Supply Chain: Part One

Improving Farmer Remuneration: The Drive for Transparency | The government of Honduras is backing a major initiative that introduces broad-scale

2012 | Strengthening the Supply Chain: Part Two

Working Efficently Despite Inefficiencies :: Increased productivity in Eastern Africa represents an enormous opportunity for the farmers, the economies of those countries,

2012 | Shifting a System

Business is constantly evolving, but when industries face unprecedented challenges, large-scale transformation happens, and it happens in many ways. This presentation